Pharos is a must-have tool empowering scientists, researchers, manufacturers, and product innovators to save time and money making safer and healthier chemical decisions. It is the most comprehensive, independent database in the industry of chemicals, polymers, metals, substances, and their associated human and environmental health hazards.

Save Time and Money. Compare Hazard Data for 146,000 Chemicals and Substances. Identify Safer Chemical Solutions. Streamline Chemicals Management.

Business Solutions for Green Chemistry

Pharos for Manufacturers

  • Save time and money with easy chemicals management
  • Quickly identify chemicals of concern and safer alternatives
  • Easily ensure compliance against regulatory and voluntary lists
  • Avoid regrettable substitutions
  • Future-proof your product

"Pharos is the first resource I consult in designing products."
-- Danielle Cresswell, Senior Sustainability Manager for Klean Kanteen

Pharos for Scientists

  • Quickly compare hazard data from hundreds of data sources
  • Group and sort substances by chemical class or function
  • Links to PubChem, ChemIDPlus, OECD eChemPortal, ECHA, and more
  • Troubleshoot and crowd source solutions with our community of experts

"Pharos significantly streamlines my hazard assessment process for chemicals."
-- Nicole Acevedo, Founder & CEO, Elavo Mundi Solutions

Pharos for Academia

  • Streamline chemical hazard assessments
  • Bring real world context to your sustainability course
  • Demonstrate how to research and compare chemical hazards
  • Scholarships available

"I use Pharos in the classroom to teach practical toxicology. [...] By the time they graduate and enter the workforce, my students are well-equipped to solve such environmental health challenges."
-- Dr. Heather Buckley, University of Victoria

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Data Services

You can access Pharos data in a variety of ways to empower your work. Create a subscription and browse the database directly, email us to connect with our API, or request a custom data download to suit your unique business needs.

Directly connect your company’s data to Pharos via an Application Program Interface (API) and always have up to date information.

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